what's up, i'm atticus. i'm a 18 year old queer & disabled artist. i've got my kinlist here and i can't code for shit, but i can sure edit code. anyway, this is my website, where i host most of my stuff.
i have 2 cats, both gray tabbies. one is named Stormy Sewer Rat. he's the oldest. the other is named Goobie Snorbert, and she's the youngest. they're both my precious babies and i would do anything for either of them.
i'm a seer of rage and an aries
i'm big into horror and queer media. i really really like dhmis, i first got into it when i was pretty young(as we all do) so it's been a part of my life for a while.
i live in a small town i jokingly refer to as possum springs, because it's a lot like possum springs. that's probably why i relate to the nitw charcters so much....